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a fews weeks ago, in june
i ventured back to my
home town leader SK
for Brianna & Tad’s
being able to
capture their love
their joy
and their tears
was nothing short
of amazing!
to witness the
gentle love of Tad
holding Brianna’s face
when they first seen each other
and her giggles
that followed.
to a fun bridal party
their adorable son Kaysen
and those butterflies
that were circling their ceremony.
it is said that…
“butterflies hover and appear
whenever lost loved ones,
angels are near”

Many blessings Tad&Brianna
ENJOY your sneak peek!





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sweet slumber
big sister snuggles
big brother snuggles.
its truly evident
at just how loved
this baby girl is
by her siblings
and her parents.
at 4wks young
i was surprised
at how well she slept
how content
how calm
and just how
precious she is.
annnnd oh those
pouty lips
and beautiful blues.
Enjoy your sneak peek
as always,
I’ve been so honoured to photograph
this family over the last
7years [just shy].



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